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Our riding staff is selected from hundreds of applicants from all over the world, but most of them are from England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. All of them have extensive equestrian experience and love everything about horses.
     Our riding staff is required to attend our pre camp, two week training session. We use their existing riding skills and enhance them in our training course that includes total immersion in George Morris's teaching techniques. During their training in our teaching techniques, they also review our camp safety plan regarding the equestrian program, and they also become certified in American Red Cross First Aid, Responding to Emergencies, and CPR. Before they arrive at camp each staff member has successfully completed a web based training seminar conducted by Dr. Chris Thurber. Dr. Thurber is a noted expert in developing leadership tools for camp staff that create a positive experience for campers. Over 30 issues that are likely to come up with campers during the summer such as homesickness, conflict resolution, bullying are presented in a video format demonstrating potential issues and showing staff how to achieve positive outcomes. Our staff is tested online for each topic to make sure that they understand the material and are ready to use this knowledge to give your daughter a safe and happy equestrian camp experience that they will always remember.

Our riding staff looking over the cross country jumping course.

So many obstacles to jump. Could stay out here all day.

Our riding staff hard at work building another cross country jump.
They love driving that tractor!

So much fun training our horses and ponies to jump the fences we built.

After we train each horse to jump this fence, all three of us get to jump
it at once. It feels like we are steeplechasing. What a thrill!

Precision riding and well-trained horses make this jump a snap!

What a barrel of laughs. Never knew work could be so much fun!

Just finished training the horses over the cross country jumps.
What fun to get paid to do this

Getting ready for polo by wrapping
legs and braiding the tail.

Concentrating and looking ahead of you
is the key to a successful jump.

Megan Rawbon training "Twist"
over the stone wall.

ulia schooling Josie over the timber jump
makes it look easy.

Sarah training Peach Pie over the log jump.
He loves jumping solid fences.