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Birchall Road    Greenfield Park, NY    12435    845-647-3240    EMAIL


The stone wall is my favorite cross country jump.

Jumping a triple jump gymnastic is a
good way to start the morning lesson!

Classes at the riding camp are taught by riding instructors with years of professional experience. Students at the riding camp are evaluated on arrival and placed into classes with riders of the same ability. The horses are selected and trained to match a wide range of riding levels and range from thoroughbred jumpers and polo horses to beginner ponies.
     The camp offers 3 hours a day of riding, 1-1/2 hours in the morning and 1-1/2 hours in the afternoon. For some campers, three hours a day is not enough riding so we offer an option of riding 4-1/2 hours a day.There is a maximum of 5 students in each class, and we videotape some lessons for review with the riding instructor. Our campers ride in one of our three riding rings, our cross country course, or on our trails. Students must pass a riding skills test in order to go on the cross country course or trail rides.

Riding without stirrups is a great way
to improve my equitation.

      The varied terrain of the cross-country jumping courses provide challenge and enjoyment for experienced riders. Obstacles include brooks, ditches, stone walls, post and rail, a drop fence, a water jump, and a vertical slide. There is a special program for beginner riders that features private lessons designed to develop riding skills rapidly and safely. The safest method of teaching children who have never ridden, or have limited riding experience is a private lesson in a small round riding ring. Our beginner riders are able to make rapid progress in learning how ride by using this teaching technique.

The camp schooling horse show
is so much fun!

Can we go higher please?

Horse Shows
There are shows every week, and the camp takes a maximum of 7 campers at a time to compete in each show. There are also horse shows at camp every two weeks, in which campers can demonstrate their riding skills. Parents are welcome to visit on horse show days to watch their daughters ride. There are even classes for beginner riders so everyone gets a chance to win a ribbon.

Taking a break from a polo lesson.

Polo For Beginners
We have created a polo program which takes our beginner polo players onto a polo field to learn the basics of this exciting sport.You'll learn to ride polo style equitation and how to hit the ball. You must be an experienced rider to participate in this program. We take maximum of six students at a time to the polo fields at the Blue Sky Polo Club.
     Lessons are conducted by our resident polo professional Gaston Rodriguez, a rated four goal professional polo player from Argentina. He has had years of teaching experience and has developed a program of teaching polo to novice players that is safe and exciting. During the winter months, Gaston is the director of the polo program at the Windsor Equestrian Center in Vero Beach, Florida

The polo program includes:

  • One and a half hour polo lesson,
  • Vanning to the Blue Sky Polo Club with our horses,
  • Guest membership fees at the Blue Sky Polo Club,
  • Pizza dinner after the lesson
  • Campers will be able to watch a polo game at the end of their lesson to learn more about this exciting sport.

There is an additional fee of $195.00/ session for this program.

We make sure that we clean our saddles after we ride. One of the
safety rules at camp is that we have to wear our helmets whenever
we are in the barn area around the horses. What a good idea!

Our horses travel in comfort and style.