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Tango just won "Best Playing
Pony" Elant Tournament

The riding camp has been under the ownership and direction of Arno Mares since 1978. While the camp keeps him busy during the summer, the winter months find him playing polo in Florida and Argentina. In Argentina, he started the El Venado Polo School in 1988 with Federico Cendoya, a professional polo player, on his 4000 acre ranch. Several of our campers have attended week long sessions here, experiencing the ranch life of the Argentine gaucho and learning how to play polo. Imagine riding across miles of open fields, filled with cattle with no fences in sight!
      Arno is a member of the Certified Horsemanship Association, the United States Equestrian Federation, the Blue Sky Polo Club, the United States Polo Association, the Polo Training Foundation and the American Camping Association.
      We also have a stable at the Windsor Equestrian Center in Vero Beach, FL, where we take some of our best camp horses to spend the winter months from November to the end of April. Our campers are welcome to ride with us on the beach, attend horse shows or learn to play polo.

"I have the best job in the world. I get to ride, play polo, waterski, go on trips to New York and Southampton and watch kids have fun all day with horses. The biggest reward though is when a camper calls years later and tells me that they look back at the time they spent at camp as the best times of their lives."

The perfect way to spend
a Sunday afternoon

Arno Mares. player number 2 and his team
being presented with the trophies for winning
the Elant Benefit tournament

Galloping down the field on a break away
to score a goal.

On the polo field at our winter stable at the
Windsor Club, Vero
Beach, Florida.

Polo School in Argentina